COVID-19 Measures


Here at Proactiv Sports, we are committed to ensuring that your children enjoy their programs with us in a safe and secure environment. Our team keeps up to date with the latest government and SportSG advisories and we align all our programs and classes according to the measures – be it capacity, group sizes or cleaning requirements. Here is a list of our best practices to keep your children safe so that you as parents have peace of mind as your kids enjoy themselves at our venue.


Fully Vaccinated Staff

All our staff are fully vaccinated (14 days have passed after the second jab). In time, when booster shots become available to us, we are committed to taking that too.

Weekly Fast Easy Testing (FET) for Covid-19

As mandated by the government, all our staff undergo weekly FET tests under the supervision of our Trained ART Supervisors. This FET regime is in place to further reduce the risk of transmission.


Health Checks & Protocols

· All visitors are required to check-in via Trace Together to our venue.

· From 19 August 2021, temperature checks are no longer required by the government. However, we continue to practice the use of a temperature scanner as a line of defense to allow us to check if participants are unwell.

· We reserve the right to deny entry to unwell individuals.

Safe Distancing

· We have set clear demarcations throughout our facility to ensure safe distancing.

· Depending on the latest government advisories, whether it is groups of 2, 4 or more based on the latest government advisories, we ensure that groups are separated with no intermingling during the programs.

Cleaning and Sanitization Regime

· Our premises are cleaned and sanitized daily by our staff.

· On top of the daily cleaning regime, all equipment and high touch point areas are wiped down and sanitized at the start and end of the day and between programmes.

· A thorough cleaning is conducted every Saturday by a professional cleaning company.

· We ventilate our venue between classes and at least twice a day.

Toilet Cleanliness (Public Toilet)

· While not under our direct control, we work closely with the building management to ensure that the toilets on our floor are cleaned daily, with sufficient anti-bacterial soap available and paper towels.

No Dwell Time

· While we love seeing everyone in person, we will enforce a no dwell time policy at our venue to avoid overcrowding. Parents are not allowed to enter the venue. They are only permitted to drop off and pick up their children from class.

CONDUCT OF CLASSES (Based on the latest SportSG Advisory)

Group Sizes

· Our classes and programmes will be conducted in multiple groups of 2, 4 or more based on the latest government advisories, we ensure that groups are separated with no intermingling during the programs

Wearing of Masks

· Masks are required to be worn by all our staff, coaches, and participants during the class or camp, unless otherwise advised by SportsSG.

· Attendees will only be allowed to remove their masks temporarily only to consume snacks and water during their breaks.

· We provide children’s masks if required.

· An enclosed bin is provided for the safe disposal of used masks.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

· Hand Sanitizers are conveniently located in multiple areas in our venue for easy access.

· All participants and coaches must wash or sanitize their hands at the start and end of the program and encouraged to do so during their breaks as well.


The safety of our entire Proactiv Sports Family (Participants, parents, staff, and coaches) is of utmost importance to us, so we seek your kind understanding and cooperation while we adhere to these guidelines and keep running our programs for your children.

We can’t wait to see more of you again in our venue!