Art Programs FOR KIDS

Art is for All.

There is no right or wrong in Art. Art is the only subject that allows one to be free. Expression allows infinite possibilities to young minds to diversify their thinking process. Here at Prodigy Arts, we celebrate originality and the creative process. A space to foster your imagination. We believe Art is indeed for All.

Our programs aim to bring out our student’s individual nature, artistic styles, and original conceptual masterpieces.

At Prodigy, we let the artist decide what is art for them. Guiding students through different art styles, techniques, and forms to be able to bring out individuality and originality in their artworks. Foster thinking behind their art instead of focusing on what is considered aesthetically beautiful.

Be the creator of your art.



  • Safe and friendly environment

  • Celebrate individuality and originality

  • Enhance motor and social skills

  • Focus on a conceptual thinking process

  • Encourage ideas and free expression

  • Exposure to different art forms, styles, techniques

  • Boost self-confidence


  • 3 to 5 years old: 60 minutes

  • 6 – 10 years old: 120 minutes


Call/Whatsapp 9806 6827 or email to book a slot.


Coach Maya

Teaching is Art itself. The beauty of teaching is, you get to learn as you teach. Art is very personal to me as I believe it reflects my character; free-spirited. It’s the only subject that allows one to be expressive without judgments. As an Art Educator, opposed to the traditional belief of appreciating works that are seemingly beautiful to the eye, I aim to guide my students to think beyond what is just aesthetically pretty looking. I believe our Arts education should come out from the grading system and move towards nurturing students' ideas and originality. I want YOU to be truly the master of your artwork. Come join me in my classes and discover yourself through Arts with me.

Coach Maya is a graduate of Visual Communications and has been teaching art for the past 8 years.