CELEBRATE your special day

with us!


Treat your child to a fun-filled sports-themed birthday party in Prodigy. It's a no-brainer!

We take all the hard work and stress away from you, the parent. We provide the coaches, the venue, keep the kids entertained, and so much more.

From sports to STEM-themed parties, we can tailor your party plan exactly the way you want it to be!

All in our indoor air-conditioned venue.

Package starts from $599 for an exclusive 120-minute venue access for up to 10 kids!


  • 120-minute exclusive access to our amazing venue.

(90-minutes of activities & 30-minutes of cake cutting and

photo session)

  • A specially tailored party plan for YOU

  • Facilitated by our team of expert coaches

  • Sports equipment for all activities

  • A personalised e-invite for your child's party


  • Fun warm-up

  • Team building games (Ball pass, caterpillar race, carry balloons in pairs, etc)

  • Rock Climbing, Gymnastics/Capoeira

  • Fun games: (Cross the river, monster in the middle, etc)

  • Sports games: (soccer, rugby, basketball, dodgeball, etc)

  • Tag games, relay races & pair races

  • Multi-Ball Time!